Build A Custom Dashboard

To build a custom dashboard by selecting individual indicators, select Build a custom dashboard.

  • To do this click on the data button along the right hand side of the dashboard (see 1 in figure A), you are then presented with two options: Choose one theme or Build a custom dashboard.
  • Click Build a custom dashboard (see 2 in figure A).

Build_a_custom_dashboard.jpgFigure A

You can then select which indicators will be shown on your dashboard.


Figure B

  • Click on a theme name to view the indicators within that theme (see 1 in figure B).
  • Tick the box next to the indicator you would like to add to your custom dashboard (see 2 in figure B).
  • Move through the themes to see which indicators are available and select the ones you want to see by ticking the box next to the indicator name (see 3 in figure B).
  • Open the Unassigned theme, which contains all indicators not displayed on the map (see 4 in figure B).
  • Search for specific indicators by typing in text to the search bar (see 5 in figure B).

You can then review you dashboard and make edits before clicking done.


Figure C

  • Click on the Currently Selected theme to see which indicators you have selected (see 6 in figure C).
  • Click on the bin icon next to the indicator name on the Currently Selected theme to remove indicators (see 7 in figure C).
  • When you are happy with your selection of indicators, click the blue Done button in the top right hand side of the popup box to populate the dashboard with your selected indicators (see 8 in figure C).
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