Customise The Areas On The Dashboard

To select which areas are shown on the dashboard, use the Areas button. By default the dashboard will show data for all the areas within your group.

  1. Click on the Areas button to show all the areas (see 1 in figure A).
  2. Use the select all button to either select or deselect all areas (see 2 in figure A).
  3. Use the search bar to find the areas you want (see 3 in figure A).
  4. Check the box next to an area name to select to view that on the dashboard (see 4 in figure A).
  5. Click Done when you have chosen your areas (see 5 in figure A).


Figure A

Please note:

  • When you change which areas are displayed on the dashboard, the colours will update to reflect how the selected areas compare against each other.
  • The national average will always show along the top of the dashboard.
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