Download Time Series Data For Unemployment

In Community Insight you can explore unemployment and youth unemployment data over time for your stock groups. This data can then be downloaded into a CSV.

Download the unemployment time series data for your stock group using the dashboard

1) Select the data you want to show 

  • Open the Dashboard tab 
  • Click on the Data button 
  • Select Build a custom dashboard
  • Type in Unemployment benefit (JSA and Universal Credit) into the search bar
  • You will then see all the time points available listed 
  • Select the time points that you want to show (they will show in order of selection) 
  • Once you have selected all the time points click Done


2) Select the stock group areas you want to show 

  • Click on the Areas button 
  • Select the stock group areas that you want to show 
  • Click Done 


3) Export the data 

Click on the Export button to export the data into a CSV



Use the decrease decimal place button to show fewer decimal places in the data


Common questions 

Why does the national comparator data not show in the downloaded CSV?

Currently, when you export the dashboard the national comparator data does not export. If you want the national comparator data then you can select the data on the dashboard and then copy and paste it into your CSV. Adding this to the export is a frequent feature request and is on our roadmap. 


Can I see time series data for other indicators in Community Insight?

We originally added the time series data for Unemployment benefit into Community Insight so that users could explore how unemployment changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking at options for including more time series data within Community Insight. You can send your suggestions for time series indicators to

You can see time series data in the Community Insight reports in many of the charts and graphs. For example, page 10 of the reports contains a chart showing how Unemployment benefit has changed since 2004. There are also time series data graphs on population, crime and many more indicators. 

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