How long will my stock take to upload?

Depending on the size of your stock file it can take anything from 10 seconds to 10 minutes to fully upload the data to Community Insight.

An average Community Insight user with 20,000 properties over 30 stock types and using the full 5 additional metadata columns takes an average of 2 minutes to upload.

Once you have clicked Upload, you will get a processing message to inform you that the upload has begun.

Once Community Insight has successfully imported your file, a new message will appear to inform you that the data is being processed. At this point you can move around the site and return to the Manage Stock page later to check your upload progress (do not logout of Community Insight whilst the file is processing). Some larger files with over 60,000 properties could take anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes to upload.

Once the data is uploaded you will receive an ‘Upload Successful’ message like the one below. 

If there are error messages underneath the “Upload Successful message” these will be for individual rows. For more information on error messages you can read : My stock upload has error messages.



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