My stock upload has error messages

Error messages

When you upload your stock file to Community Insight you may recieve some error messages. Major errors will cause the upload to fail, whereas with minor errors, the file will successfully upload and the rows with errors will be listed on the Manage Stock page for you to review.

Major Errors

Certain errors will prevent the file from uploading successfully in which case the upload will be cancelled with your previous stock restored. See example below.

This will happen in the following instances:

  1. Column A: UPRN
  2. Column B: Postcode
  3. Column C: Stock Type  

Minor errors 

Minor errors will not prevent the file from uploading and instead will be listed beneath the “Upload Successful” message. Rows in your CSV that had errors will be ignored in the upload and will not show on the maps page. The rows with errors will be listed for you so that you can make the necessary changes to your file and re-upload if you wish.

Minor errors can occur for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect postcodes in the postcode column. This can include typos, the use of postcode sectors rather than full postcodes and the inclusion of any data that is not a postcode
  • If you have exceeded the 250 character limit for a cell
  • If there is no header in the stock metadata column

For example, in the image below there is a typo in a postcode. The postcode BD1O0PL includes the upper case letter O rather than a numeric zero. Additionally,  no header was provided for one of the metadata fields and so that column was ignored.

For more information, read how to format your CSV file with your stock data.


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