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User permissions note: Only Group Admin users can access this feature

To upload your stock data into Community Insight you will need to have the data formatted correctly and saved as a CSV. Before you upload your file, we recommend that you download the details of your existing stock and save a copy in case you want to revert back to that version.

Firstly, click Group Admin > Manage Stock

If you already have stock data uploaded to your group this will show at the top of the page with the option to Download details of your stock. If you have no stock uploaded then you can download the empty template.

  1. Download the template file to begin; this will contain your current stock if you have imported any
  2. The file must be formatted correctly and the first 3 columns are required with a specific header
  3. Column A must have the header “UPRN” (Unique Property Reference Number). Each row of data must have a different UPRN as this allows Community Insight to differentiate between properties in the same postcode
  4. Column B must have the header “Postcode”. Here is where you list your postcodes, there is no limit on the number of postcodes you can upload
  5. Column C must have the header “Stock type”. Here is where you categorise your postcodes into types. These are defined by you and there is a limit of up to 30 different stock types


Adding metadata to your stock

If you would like to add additional information to individual stock properties you can add up to 5 extra columns of data.

  • Within these 5 extra columns, the first row will act as a header. Here you can label the data you will be adding (this is a free text field)
  • Each line can have information for any, all, or none of these fields
  • For each line, you can then add unique information relating to that stock property. This is a free text field with a maximum of 250 characters

Please note: If you use the Organisations feature, then that data must go in column D and the stock metadata in the preceding columns E,F,G,H and J. For more information read using the Organisations feature  

Upload the file

When you are ready to upload your file, check that it is a CSV, select it and upload.

Please note:  Uploading new stock will remove and replace all of your existing stock and reset your stock types. All icons will revert back to the default icons and stock type descriptions will be removed.

 Once you click Use file, you will get the below warning message to inform you that “Uploading new stock will remove and replace all of your existing stock and reset your stock types”. You can then either;

  • Download a copy of your existing stock in case you want to revert back to it at a later date
  • Upload your stock file and replace the existing stock data
  • Cancel the upload

 Once you have clicked Upload, you will get a processing message to inform you that the upload has begun.

Depending on the size of your file it can take anything from 10 seconds to 10 minutes to fully upload the data.

An average Community Insight client with 20,000 properties over 30 stock types and using the full 5 additional metadata columns takes an average of 2 minutes to upload.

Once Community Insight has successfully imported your file, a new message will appear to inform you that the data is being processed. At this point you can move around the site and return to the Manage Stock page later to check your upload progress (do not logout of Community Insight whilst the file is processing). Some larger files with over 60,000 properties could take anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes to upload.

Once the data is uploaded you will receive an ‘Upload Successful’ message like the one below

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