Adding Metadata To Your Stock

User permissions note: Only Group Admin users can access this feature

 You can add extra information to your individual stock properties. For example:

  • Number of bedrooms in that property
  • Number of occupants in that property
  • Council Tax Band
  • Repairs due
  • Smart meter

Adding metadata is optional and completely customisable.

  • To add metadata to your stock properties you can input data in the 5 columns to the right of the UPRN, postcode and stock type columns
  • Within these 5 extra columns, the first row will act as a header where you can label the data you will be adding, such as “Council Tax Band ” or “Number of bedrooms in this property”. This is a free text field with a maximum of 250 characters
  • Each row can include information for some, all or none of these fields
  • For each line, you can then add unique information relating to that property. This is a free text field with a maximum of 250 characters


The image below (figure A) shows some example stock data reformatted so that it can be uploaded to Community Insight.

Figure A

Once uploaded, that data displays on the Community Insight map when you click on the individual stock icon.

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