I cannot see custom data on the dashboard for some of my stock groups?

You have uploaded your own organisational data and selected to view this custom data on the dashboard. Yet when you go to the dashboard, there is gaps and data is not showing for some of your stock groups. Does your Dashboard look like the image below? Click on the image to make it larger.

There are two possible reasons why data is not showing for these stock groups. 

  • The custom data which you uploaded does not cover the geographical area encompassed by your stock groups. See image below:



  • The stock group was created after the custom data was uploaded. In order to protect sensitive data, once Community Insight has uploaded and aggregated your custom data for you existing stock groups, the raw data is then deleted. Therefore, any stock groups created subsequent to uploading your custom data, will not have data shown on the dashboard or in the data for my areas popup. In order to show that custom data for those new stock groups you will need to upload the raw data again into Community Insight. For more information about uploading your own data check out this section.
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