How to add new indicators onto the map and dashboard

Community Insight contains more than 700+ indicators which cover a broad set of socio-economic themes. Those indicators which are not already within a theme can be found in the Unassigned theme.

New Indicators 

We are always on the lookout for new indicators to add into Community Insight. To keep up to date with any new indicators we have added, follow our news blog. When new indicators are added to Community Insight they will automatically appear in the Unassigned theme. In order to view these new indicators on the map or dashboard you must add them to a theme and select them to be shown on the map.

Please note, in cases where we add new indicators which we believe to be of real interest to most users we will place the indicators directly into the default themes. However, if you have already customised your themes and indicators all new indicators added will be within the Unassigned theme.  

Check out this quick video which shows how to move indicators from the Unassigned theme into a theme which you can view on the map or dashboard.


How to add new indicators onto the map and dashboard from OCSI on Vimeo.

We are always looking to add new and useful indicators to Community Insight. To be considered, the dataset would need to be:

  • Published at a level below Local Authority (see our article, here, on why this is the case)
  • Open data
  • Covered nationally

If you have any suggestions for indicators you would like to see let us know at

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