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Our analysis of which housing providers are active in your stock group areas is based on the ‘Commercial and corporate ownership data’ that we have obtained from the Land Registry. We have linked this Land Registry data to the English and Welsh registers of social housing providers, to estimate the numbers of properties owned by specific Housing Associations at local area level.

Detailed notes on the data:

  • The 'Commercial and corporate ownership data' dataset used was published by the Land Registry in April 2016, the English 'List of registered providers of social housing' dataset used was published by the Homes and Communities Agency in February 2016 and the Welsh 'Registered social landlords' dataset used was published by the Welsh Government in April 2016.
  • The Land Registry data covers all assets, including both residential and non-residential holdings registered to social landlords. We have filtered out non-residential holdings so that only residential properties are shown, however some non-residential holdings may have slipped through - let us know if you come across these, and we can update the data.
  • Within the Land Registry data, properties are sometimes registered under a variant of the registered provider of social housing's name according to the registers provided by the Welsh and English governments. We have used intelligent matching algorithms to identify these cases, but please let us know if you see any missing or incorrectly attributed properties.


View Stock by Local Authority

The source for the 'View stock by Local Authority' data is CORE (Continuous Recording of Lettings and Sales) 2013. We use this data as it provides breakdown by type of housing e.g. general needs. The Land Registry data which we use for default 'View by stock group' My Patch analysis does not have breakdowns by housing type.

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