How do I like and comment on articles?

We'd love to hear feedback from you to help us grow and improve the Knowledge Base. So if you found an article really useful then use the like button so we can build on that and add more articles. Equally, if you found an article confusing or uninformative then dislike it and tell us what you'd like to see in the comments.

In order to like or comment on articles you must be signed in to the Knowledge Base. Click like or comment to open up the sign in pop up, it should look like the image below. 

Please note: Your login details for the Knowledge Base are not the same as your login details for Community Insight 


How do I log into the Knowledge Base? 

  • If you have communicated with our support staff through email previously, you're already registered. You probably don't have a password yet, though. Click on the Get a password button to generate a password for you to sign in with 
  • If you have not communicated with our support staff through email previously the click on the sign up button to create a log in for the Knowledge Base

Please note: You do not need to be signed in to read the Knowledge Base articles or to submit a request. 

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