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We endeavour to make the Knowledge Base as comprehensive as possible - but we're also happy to take requests.

It may be useful to submit a request when:

  • You can't find the answer you were looking for
  • You have a question about a very specific example you are working on
  • You think there may be an error on the site

Use the Submit a request button in the top right hand corner of the Knowledge Base.

 This will open up a request form like below; 

Fill this in and click submit. To help us answer your question, please give as much detail as possible. The following information will help us answer your query as swiftly as possible; 

  • Which internet browser are you using? If you are using Internet Explorer then which version?
  • Your organisation name
  • What type of user are you, Group Admin, Power User or View Reports user
  • If you think there is an error, screenshots of what you are seeing are very useful

One of our support team will get back to you shortly. We always aim to get back to all our user requests within 2 working days. 

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