Build A Thematic Dashboard

If you want to quickly view a theme on the dashboard you can do this by Choosing one theme to view.

  • Click on the data button along the right hand side of the dashboard (see 1 in figure A).
  • You are then presented with two options: Choose one theme or Build a custom dashboard. Click Choose one theme (see 2 in figure A).

Choose_one_theme.jpg Figure A

  • You are then given a list of possible themes which contain preset indicators. These themes have been set up by the Group Admin (see 3 in figure B).


Figure B

  • Click on a theme to see which indicators are within that theme (see 4 in figure B).
  • Once you have chosen your theme, click the blue Done button in the top right hand side of the popup box to populate the dashboard with the selected theme (see 5 in figure B).

If you would like to create a custom dashboard and not just select from the preset themes, you can build a custom dashboard.

Please note: The preset themes can only be managed by the Group Admin users on the Manage Indicators page.

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