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The maps on Community Insight display 10 themes covering around 100 indicators by default. These preloaded themes and indicators are some of the most widely used indicators. However, they are merely a suggestion and you can add, delete and edit themes and indicators from the maps and dashboards as you wish. There are more than 700+ indicators for you to choose from.  

  • Themes are the subheadings under which you can group indicators. For example, a theme within Community Insight could be Vulnerable Groups 


  • Indicators are individual datasets. For example, Unemployment Benefit



Customise the themes to suit the language used within your organisation and make them more specific to your team's projects.

To start customising your themes: 

Admin> Manage Indicators 

If you haven't used the custom themes before you will see a Start using custom themes button- click on this. 

The themes are listed on the left hand side. Click on a theme to see which indicators are contained within that theme

Add a theme

Use the Add theme button to create a new theme and then drag and drop indicators into this theme


Delete a theme

  • Use the bin icon  to delete a theme. Indicators contained in this theme will automatically be moved to the unassigned theme 
  • Use the pencil icon  to edit the name of the theme 

Reordering the themes and indicators 

  • Drag and drop both individual indicators and whole themes using the drag icon.   This will rearrange the order in which they appear 

Please note: You cannot change the name of individual indicators. However, if you feel that the name of a particular indicator is misleading then do get in touch at

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