Step 3b: Upload data using the copy and paste tool

Import you data directly from your spreadsheet by using the Copy and paste directly button: 


Highlight all the relevant data rows and simply copy and paste:


Now to tidying your columns:

  1. Firstly, you must specify which row, if any, contains the headers for your data and which row contains your first row of data. If you do not have headers then choose 0 for the header and then 1 for the first row of data   
  2. Next you can tidy up your columns. You can only upload two columns of data; A column containing postcode data and a column containing a piece of numeric data. Label these accordingly. If you have other irrelevant columns you can select to ignore them
  3. Once this is complete click Next Step 


Once happy with the data select: 2022-08-26_16-18-34.jpg  

Depending on the size of the dataset this may take some time to upload. On average Community Insight takes 4 minutes per 8000 rows. 

Once imported you will be redirected back to the Manage Data page. To view your custom dataset on the map check out this article: 

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