Select a standard area

Once you have given your stock group a name and description you can select from a list of standard areas.

Firstly you will be given two options to determine how the data for that group will be generated. Choose between: ‘Create based on the geographic area’ or ‘Create based on stock within the area’. In most cases, it will be more appropriate to select the first option, ‘Create based on the geographic area.’ 


  • Select whether you would like to see a list of Local Authority areas, MSOA areas or LSOA areas 
  • Scotland Select whether you would like to see a list of Local Authority areas, Intermediate Geographies (IG) and Data Zones
  • Use the hide items with no stock box in the bottom right corner to hide standard areas where you have no stock. This will make it easier to find your areas. Remember, you can create stock groups where you have no stock, Community Insight contains a full list of all LAs, MSOAs and LSOAs within England
  • You can also select multiple areas at once to create a larger area. Use this if the area which you work in is made up of a number of different LSOAs
  • Click the save button when you are ready to create your stock group
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