Editing your list of stock

You can edit your list of stock at any time

  • You can upload a new CSV file, with a new list of stock- this will overwrite your existing stock upload
  • You can download a file containing the details of your existing stock, edit this file and re-upload it
  • To avoid all risk of losing stock data, we advise that you download your last stock upload and save a copy of it before editing your stock

To do this click 'Download details of your propertieson the Manage Stock page.

This file will contain a list of all your stock information; UPRNS, postcodes, stock types as well Organisation if you use that feature. You can then edit this file and re-upload it following the same process you used before. 

Please note:

  • Any changes you make to your stock information will affect all users in your organisation
  • Uploading new stock information will overwrite existing stock and reset your stock types. All icons will revert back to the default icons and stock type descriptions will be removed
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