View data on the map

Use the Data button to select data indicators to overlay onto the map page.



Once you have chosen an indicator to view, Community Insight will colour the map based on the data values. This will highlight how different areas compare on this indicator. 

To find out more about this dataset you can click on the Info button in the top right hand side of the map. This will bring up the legend for the data values, detailing what the colours on the map represent for that particular indicator. As you zoom in and out on the maps, the data values will change to represent District, MSOA and LSOA level data. 

  • Scotland As you zoom in and out of the map, the legend showing the data breakdown for the indicator you have selected will change from ‘District level’ to ‘intermediate geographies level’ to ‘data zones level’


To find out more about the dataset you are viewing, you can click on the About the Indicator.

This will bring up the contextual information, see below example: 

If you would like to see the data for your stock groups click Data for your Areas. 

This will open up a detailed breakdown of the data related to the selected indicator for your stock group.

You will be able to see the data aggregated for:

  • The whole of England: Use this to compare your areas against the national average
  • All your stock: this is calculated by adding together data for all the Output Areas where you have stock
  • All your stock groups



Click on the LSOA by Rank tab to show, the top ten highest ranking LSOA areas in which you have stock. 

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