My Report Is Stuck Pending

When you request a report for a stock group it should take roughly 10 to 15 minutes to generate. If the report has been pending for a considerable amount of time, there may be a problem with the way the stock group was created and subsequently, Community Insight may not be able to generate a report.


Has the stock group been created to be based on stock within a certain area and yet there is no stock within that area?

  • During the creation process for stock groups you are given the choice as to how Community Insight will create the data for your area, you can either:

‘Create based on the geographic area’ OR 'Create based on stock within the area’


The default setting is to 'Create based on the geographic area'. However, if you 'Create based on stock within the area’, yet you have no stock which reside within that geographic area then the report will be stuck pending. 

How to investigate this issue

To check this you can click on the More info button on the Manage stock groups page: 

  • Go onto the Manage stock groups page, click on the More options button next to the relevant stock group and select the View more info option. This will open a popup detailing information about that stock group.



Look beside the Definition heading, here it will describe whether the area was either:

  1. defined by area 
  2. defined by stock

If the area is defined by stock and none of your uploaded stock is situated within the actual stock group then you will need to recreate the stock group and tick the box, 'Create based on the geographic area'. 

If you are interested in how Community Insight generates data for your stock groups, check out this article:

If you have checked all these aspects and you are still experiencing problems then send us an email on

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