What is the Knowledge Base and how do I use it?

New and improved support materials

We have moved and improved the support materials for Community Insight! You are currently looking at our new Knowledge Base. Here you can find all the support information you will need to use Community Insight; 

  • Surf the articles in the Knowledge Base to improve your understanding of Community Insight 
  • Contact our support team if you have any specific questions or requests 

What is the Knowledge Base?

The Knowledge Base is a collection of bite-sized articles designed to help make your experience of using Community Insight as simple as possible.  

The Knowledge Base is broken down into categories covering all the main features of Community Insight, so you can access the information you require quickly and easily.

Within the feature categories there are a range of articles available to give you guidance, tips and extra knowledge;

  • Follow the articles in the step by step guide section to learn exactly how to use the feature
  • Use the Oops something has gone wrong section to see a list of common mistakes other users have encountered 
  • Read the articles in the Become the data expert section to learn more about the data within Community Insight 
  • Get some top tips and handy hints to help you become the data hero in your organisation 


Help us grow the Knowledge Base 

The Knowledge Base will be a growing and evolving resource for you to use. We'll be adding more and more as time goes on and your help will be invaluable!

Please send us suggestions for new articles that will be helpful for you to

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