Managing users - an introduction

There are three user permission levels within Community Insight:

  • View Reports
  • Power User
  • Group Admin

View Reports users have the lowest level of admin access. View Reports users can;

  • View data and stock groups on the maps and dashboards
  • View reports that have already been generated.

Power Users have mid level admin access and have access to the following admin features;

  • Creating and editing stock groups
  • Generating reports

Group Admins have the highest level of admin access, and have access to all the admin features within Community Insight including;

  • Uploading stock
  • Creating, editing and deleting stock groups
  • Generating and deleting reports, defining comparators for the reports.
  • Managing themes and indicators on the maps and dashboards
  • Uploading your own data
  • Changing the colour schemes for the maps and dashboards
  • Managing users

If you do not have the appropriate access level then you can contact the Group Admin user in your account and ask them to give you more access. If you do not know who the Group Admin users are then contact


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