Copy and paste the Dashboard into Excel

There are two ways to do more with the dashboard in Community Insight.

1) Use the Export button to export the data from the dashboard into Excel

2) Copy and paste the dashboard into Excel, so you can then design and create new dashboards. Once in Excel it will retain the colour formatting and you can then paste it directly into your own reports.

Watch this video to learn about exporting/copying the dashboard into Excel.

Ci Export and copy and paste the Dashboard video from OCSI on Vimeo.


Use the Manage Indicators feature to design different dashboards. Choose which indicators you want to see against your areas from the 700+ datasets available in Community Insight. For example, create a dashboard focusing on heath datasets, copy and paste it into Excel so it's saved and then create a new dashboard to examine a different socio-economic theme. For more information about creating different dashboards check out this article:

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