Add a custom dataset to the maps and dashboard

You can upload your own organisational data into Community Insight using Upload your data, for guidelines on how to do this see this section. Once uploaded successfully, you can add this dataset to existing themes or create a new theme for it. You can then select for it to be shown on the map and/or the dashboard.  

  • Click Group Admin>Manage Indicators 
  • If your organisation has not yet started using the Manage Indicators function, then your custom dataset can be found in the Custom Datasets theme (1).
  • If your organisation does use the Manage Indicators function, any custom datasets you upload can be found in the Unassigned theme (2).


  • If your custom data is not already in the Custom Dataset theme, then click on the Unassigned theme to see the list of indicators. Use the search bar to find your dataset.
  • Struggling to find your custom dataset? To differentiate, the custom datasets have an orange tab as opposed to the standard blue tab
  • Once you have located your custom indicator click on the drag symbol  and drag the indicator into the relevant theme. 
  • Now that the indicator is in a theme you will be given the opportunity to tick the box to show on the map. 


Once this is complete return to the maps page or the dashboard to view your custom data.

Please note: In order to protect sensitive data, once Community Insight has uploaded and aggregated your custom data for you existing stock groups, the raw data is then deleted. Therefore, any stock groups created subsequent to uploading your custom data, will not have data shown on the dashboard or in the data for my areas popup. In order to show that custom data for those new stock groups you will need to upload the raw data again into Community Insight. For more information about uploading your own data check out this section.


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