Areas you can customise

Indicators: These are the individual datasets on Community Insight. There are more than 700 different indicators available.

Themes: These are the headings under which you can group indicators. 

Use Manage Indicators under the Admin tab to select and group indicators into themes which are useful for your projects.

If you have different teams using Community Insight simultaneously then you can use the themes to signpost and differentiate between departments and projects. 

The Manage Indicators feature allows you to customise Community Insight to suit your needs in a variety of ways:

  • Add, remove and edit the themes which indicators appear under 
  • Choose which indicators appear in which themes
  • Choose which indicators appear on the maps
  • Choose which indicators appear on the dashboard 
  • Choose where your custom datasets appear 


Please note: Changes made using the Manage Indicators feature will affect all users within your organisation

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