Mapping Hotspots

Using the settings icon you can choose how data is mapped. 

The default setting for viewing data on the maps is All Areas:

  • All areas: The colours on the map will be based on grouping all areas across England into 20% bands. So the top 20% of areas on an indicator are shaded dark red, the next 20% shaded light red, and so on. However, in some views, the whole map may be a single colour, due to all areas in view being in the top (or bottom) 20%

If you would like to view 'hotspot' areas only then select ‘Change data mapped’ and click to map hotspots only:

  • Hotspot areas: The colours on the map will be based on the top 20% of areas across England only. The 5 colour bands are based on the top 1%, 1-5%, 5-10%, 10-15% and 15-20%. Other areas will be unshaded

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